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Gergö Şaştyin – Psycholog

Before having a trial session with Laden, i did not know to which extent a life coach would help a person’s life. I had some troubles in deciding what i should do on certain things. So when i saw that there is a life coach in Istanbul working directly with expats i was surprised and I immediately contacted. I was curious about the life coaching, i had some friends from back in town who worked with a life coach. Well, the result was remarkable. It did not even took long for her to pick up the points that were holding me back from stepping into a path with a clear mind. In four sessions i was in a point totally different than before. Laden is sensitive, understanding and she knows how to ask great questions. Questions that makes you feel like a blue screen computer at first. But than all the datas pop up immediately like a clear programme. I would like to thank Laden once again for her special service she offers. Because expats also need a life coach and knowing that there is someone who thinks about you in the city which is foriegn to you, this is a great feeling.



Moran Weissfish – Cinematography

A life coach working directly with expats! I loved the idea when i first heard this. A Turkish friend of mine was already working with Laden and she told me that i should try one trial session as there were a few points i was unhappy about. So i wanted to give it a try. I am happy that i did. Now i know what a life coach is, and how effective having sessions with a life coach can be. Laden is a great listener, she realised such points about me that even i did not realise before. With her, you believe that it is not hard to achieve things, because she is great at unstucking a person. Than the rest is your turn. She gives you the go to take the responsibility of your life into your hands again which makes you move on easier than before. I definitely reccommend working with a life coach, better with Laden.



Asaf Ben D. – Music producer

Working with a life coach… Sounded a bit weird to me before, i was not sure how a life coach would be of help. My girl friend, who also lives in Turkey met with Laden and they started working together. She was shining after the sessions when we meet and that made me ask myself, wow what is this life coaching thing? So we arranged a session with Laden too. It was like awkward as she was coaching us both. But well, she is very proffessional so having same life coach with my girl friend was totally fine. We agreed on having four sessions. With every session i saw the difference with myself and also my girl friend was on the go too. Working with Laden also improved our relationship , we are more understanding into each other and more focused on our personal projects. The main reason for me to see her was to finalise the project that i was developing. The problem was there was something stopping me from it. She made me realise what was stopping me and so much more about myself. Now everything works like a clock for me. Laden, like puts into your soul the motivation and the rest is with you. I think everybody should work with a life coach now, it is not necessary to try dealing everything by yourself. Sometimes a proffesional helps a lot. I also would like to congragulate her once again her for the great idea of coaching expats. Thanks for thinking us.


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