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If a man knows not to which port he sails, no wind is favorable.” 


Hello, this is Laden!

I am writing this from one of the most amazing cities in the whole world, Istanbul. Thank you for visiting my web site and welcome!

I am a life coach working with individuals and groups and i love my work. Having loads of expat friends living  in Istanbul and Turkey; along with the increasing number of people moving here made me realize that there is not a life coach working particularly with foreign people.

So, hereby i am very glad to inform you that i would love to be your life coach during your adventure in Turkey.


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A life coach working directly with expats! I loved the idea when i first heard this. A Turkish friend of mine was already working with Laden and she told me that i should try one trial session as there were a few points i was unhappy about. So i wanted to give it a try. I am happy that i did. Now i know what a life coach is, and how effective having sessions with a life coach can be. Laden is a great listener, she realised such points about me that even i did not realise before. With her, you believe that it is not hard to achieve things, because she is great at unstucking a person. Than the rest is your turn. She gives you the go to take the responsibility of your life into your hands again which makes you move on easier than before. I definitely reccommend working with a life coach, better with Laden.


I am in!


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